About the event

This year, the Interreg Annual Event 2020 takes place in very particular circumstances, at a time when we are all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, the event needs to be held as it fulfils the requirement of Article 51 of Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 and offers us an annual opportunity to review programme implementation. It is the biggest event on the Interreg calendar bringing together Managing Authorities and Joint Secretariats of all Interreg Programmes-including IPA & ENI CBC, to discuss challenges and opportunities for cooperation with the European Commission.
This year’s event was also supposed to mark the celebration of Interreg 30 years. We will not forget to mark our birthday but we have decided to postpone the party to 2021 when we will hopefully be able to meet in the flesh again.
The event will take place from 15 to 16 October, back to back with the EU REGIONS WEEK and in a strictly digital format. The German EU Council Presidency is associated to the event.

The meeting will start in the afternoon of 15 October 2020 with a plenary session in the presence of Elisa FERREIRA, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, a representative of the German EU Council Presidency and former Commissioner Poctočnik. A Youth Dialogue will also take place that afternoon, where young people acquainted with Interreg and cooperation will deliver a manifesto on the future of Cooperation.

We plan to close the first day with a celebratory video that will mark our birthday and be an appetiser for next year’s birthday party.

On 16 October 2020, we will focus our exchanges on more technical questions around the programming exercise for 2021-2027, focusing in particular on the substance of our future programmes and how to improve coordination and capitalization. This will take the shape of 7 parallel workshops, each dedicated to a policy objective (including the 2 Interreg-specific objectives) followed by a plenary session on coordination, organised with the support of Interact.

Because the event is now completely virtual, there are no limitations to the number of participants, even if the event remains open only to the staff of programme bodies, including Coordination Bodies. When registering you will still be asked to select the sessions you wish to attend – this is particularly important for the parallel workshops as the format we use can be influenced by the number of participants.

After registration, you will receive more information on the technical aspects of the meeting.

We very much look forward to working with you during those two days, even if we will not have the informal moments we always cherish. This will be for 2021 !

See you all virtually very soon.

DG REGIO Interreg team

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